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Application and Product Development

The technology world is continually evolving, and the urge to incorporate the latest trends into existing business models is always a driving element in keeping up with client demands and leading the future of IT.

To achieve this goal, many businesses outsource business processes in order to react to the most recent and rapid changes in order to maintain their businesses changing and growing. This goal is deeply embedded in a company's application integration and application development processes. Other issues include application deployment and support to ensure that the technology continues to evolve and serves its purpose. Controlled budgets and aggressive timetables continue to be major hurdles for every application and product development endeavor. Having flexible and efficient tactics ensures long-term profitability and ROI on investments.

Manowi has gained a reputable reputation and an outstanding track record as a recognized IT vendor that provides major benefits to clients. We greatly believe in flexibility, scalability, and streamlined marketing operations to offer excellent service levels that entirely satisfy every challenge posed by IT market functions. Our application and product development suite service options comprise both offshore and on-site product development to meet the expanding needs of the IT industry.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Manowi's key strength is in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Having established ourselves as a reputable RPO supplier, effectively serving numerous clients, has brought a lot of value to our inventive standards and growth. We work with all disciplines and job levels using a bespoke staffing and recruitment structure. Our customized solutions and infrastructure enable us to deliver efficiency and results in a timely manner, hence enhancing hiring procedures.Our RPO Goals

Create job postings

Manage requisitions

Identify talent Pre-screen candidates

Manage selection process

Hire Associates

Conduct pre-employment screening

On-board Associates

Track results

Generate reports

Our ROI Objectives

Cost efficiencies

Reduced cost-per-hire

Increased Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance

Tracking and reporting capabilities

Increased time to focus on your core business

Increased diversity spend.

Manowi with the use of latest and powerful tools manages the RPO program, with enabled results tracking, and comprehensive result measure systems. Thus, with state of the art systems and highly motivated team, we have poised ourselves as a true strategic partner



To address the demand for the broad spectrum of technical and professional skills needed by the IT departments of corporate organizations, we offer business-centric IT education and training to our learners.

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We have a solid reputation in the sector of IT consulting and staffing. We provide staffing services in both the IT and non-IT sectors. MANOWI LLC is committed to providing the highest level of service in the industry. Our outstanding reputation stems from our reasonable prices, prompt workers, 24-hour availability, and integrity.
Our IT staffing services assist you in locating the best suitable personnel to match your requirements. Recognized as a formidable competitor in the market's present outsourced company battle. We have a strong foundation built on both ancient and modern technologies, and we have a track record of delivering items on time. We are gradually becoming one of the most promising private personnel management and sourcing firms in the United States.
At Manowi LLC, we work hard as a team to achieve our goals with a clear common purpose. We adapt to our clients' changing needs as well as market developments to ensure that we are a business of growth, success, and enjoyment. This is aided by our vision, mission, and values.

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